1991 Mitsuoka Le Seyde

Available for purchase in Houston Tx. This vehicle retains it’s original dash cluster with 46,734 original kilometers. 29,022 original miles! Rare alert! Only 500 ever produced, which sold out within 4 days of production in the 90’s. The Mitsuoka Le Seyde was a very limited prodoction vehicle based on the S13 Silvia chassis, resembling the Zimmer Golden Spirit. Calling this a one of kind car is an understatement. This is the very first generation of the Le Seyde and is in great condition. Very low miles, very clean exterior, interior, and runs like a champ. Own a true piece of history with this 1991 Mitsuoka Le Seyde. Check specifications for more info.

  • VIN: S13-162056
  • Chassis Code: S13
  • Engine Code: CA18DE
  • Engine Type: 1.8L Inline 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
  • ECU: Factory
  • Suspension: OEM
  • Aero: Mitsuoka
  • Wheel: Affalterbach AMG
  • Tire: 205/75/14
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